A this or that story is always a great way to break the ice and engage with your audience! Since my Facebook Group is for Penn State Alumni I decided to make a story that would get a conversation going! Some are tough choices and get people going.

I have had a hard time finding others to join my group. I fear it might be a little too niche and will not succeed. Although it was a good idea in theory, it is not like others from my course could join the group.

I took advice from lecture this week and made a post in a larger group.

Although the post has not been approved yet, there has been conversations in this group in the past of people looking for others in Louisville.

With 200,000+ followers, Emily of @HouseandHens has built up a great DIY & décor account.

She raises hens and treats them as her children. Those who follow her know she recently had a baby… but we all know her hens are the ones that made her a mom.

Be attentive!

If you’re someone that can’t write a rough draft… the first version IS the final version… this job is for you! It is crucial to be attentive to all aspect of your community page. …

Facebook groups have a way of bringing together a community within a community. Especially in a time of need, they are ways to get everyone together to spark awareness. An important part of Facebook groups is the way the entire world can turn into a small community.

The Facebook Group…

Humans depend upon other humans. Whether that be for support, love, encouragement. We are made to socialize and be together. Given how technology has rapidly progressed throughout the years, it is no surprise that communities have moved to the digital space.

A community is a group of people that care…

Which groups work best.

A closed social network allows users to have a stricter grip on who can join and interact within the group (Elder, 2021). Closed social networks have an advantage when it comes to membership. …

Brands should tread lightly when it comes to marketing on new social media platforms. When new platforms first come out, it may take time for them to gain popularity amongst the public. For example, TikTok came out in 2016 but it took four years to gain traction.

“Few marketers were…

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Professional Instagrammer | You can find me in Houston traffic

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